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Jersey's Bandmanrill fully embraced the New York drill sound in new single "Last Time I Checked." It's his first song of the new year, and is only available on YouTube as of now. Bandmanrill continues to flex his talents on the track, marrying boastful lyrics with clubby production with ease.



First shared at Fred again...'s London Boiler Room set last year, Fred, Skrillex, and Flowdan have officially released collaborative track "Rumble" on streaming services. It's quietly audacious, with thrumming bass and speedy rap verses. The song comes a couple days after Skrillex tweeted a teaser for his upcoming double album, with cryptic text "QFF/DGTC 23."



Swedish metal vets Katatonia have released the third single off their upcoming album Sky Void of Stars. Speaking about it, Jonas Renske says, "The pulse of dereliction. The insatiable need to expire. Here come the birds."



Rozi Plain's new album Prize is out later this month, and the latest single from it is "Painted the Room," which features instrumentation from Alabaster dePlume and Serafina Steer in its electro-kaleidoscope backdrop.



UK group The Murder Capital will release their new album Gigi's Recovery on January 20 and here's one last early taste, a driving bit of neo-post-punk.



H.C. McEntire mourns a "steadfast hound" on "Rows of Clover," the latest single from her new album Ever Acre. "The chorus lyrics in ‘Rows of Clover’ arrived before anything else on this album," she says. "They are dark and straightforward, unapologetic—a body in pain, a broken spirit, a tired heart. I needed to acknowledge my grief and depression in an unmistakable way; to name it and know the feeling of it being lifted by my lungs. In contrast, and written much later, the verses offer observations of a more poetic kind, kneeling beside that same garden bed: hunters planting millet and rye; a fawn born in the front yard; sundown through cedars; burn barrels roaring orange; fresh pink ribbons tagging the ridgeline around me. From the center, looking out—I sowed the red clover, to start over again.”



Finn Andrews says this new Veils song "was written during the first lockdown in New Zealand a few years back when it felt as though we all simultaneously became aware of the presence and passing of time in a way we had possibly never experienced before. The words have a mantra-like quality which I think is the result of me walking back and forth in my flat and losing my mind a bit like that mad polar bear at the zoo." The Veils' new double album, …And Out Of The Void Came Love, will be out March 3 via Ba Da Bing!



“Sideways Skull is a rocking song about rock and rollers,” says Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn. “In this case, they’ve been taken out of the game for a bit of rest, but still keep their dreams alive as they discuss past glories. We loved the big sound of this when Tad Kubler brought it into the band, and the studio performance of it felt especially joyful. We’re happy to put this forth as a first look at The Price of Progress, and the album’s title even comes from this song.”


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