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Industrial punk duo Street Sects are releasing their sophomore album, The Kicking Mule, on October 26 via The Flenser, and the first single is "In For A World Of Hurt." The music is as frenetic and aggressive as anything on Street Sects' debut, but Leo Ashline's voice is way more soaring and melodic than usual on this song. If you like industrial with pop appeal, you owe it to yourself to hear this. Also, catch Street Sects on tour with Daughters later this year.



Last year, Josh T Pearson remixed Depeche Mode's "Cover Me," one of the singles from their most recent album, Spirit. He's now covered the song, which will appear as the B-side to "A Love Song (Set Me Straight)" from his new album, The Straight Hits. "I just wanted to do a JTP-style country version, strip it down to show that at its essence, it’s a classic song," says Josh. "It’s all gut music anyway, the good stuff at least, the stuff that really moves you and makes you shiver. Depeche Mode has been one of my all time favorite bands since the ‘80s. ‘People are People’ was my third cassette tape bought. As a kid from the Texas countryside, pre-internet, you’d never heard such sounds before. Felt like they were space aliens speaking directly to your soul, speaking in tongues a hidden language, which communicated exactly what words alone could not."



Brooklyn rap lifer Ka's last album was 2016's great Honor Killed the Samurai, and this past weekend, he followed it with the first album by Hermit And The Recluse, Ka's new collaborative project with LA producer Animoss. It's called Orpheus vs. The Sirens, and opening track "Sirens" has a video. Animoss gives this one a psychedelic backdrop, and Ka's calm but commanding flow suits it perfectly.



Dublin's Villagers are preparing to release their fifth album, The Art of Pretending to Swim, on September 21 via Domino. They're following first single "A Trick of the Light" with "Fool," a mellow folk song with lyrics that touch upon theology. Bob Gallagher directed the accompanying video.



When not playing bass in Texas prog-folk band Midlake, Paul Alexander makes music as Two Medicine and his debut under that name, titled Astropsychosis, will be out November 2 via Bella Union. "I wanted to find out if I could write songs and if I could sing them – basically, whether or not I could make an album on my own," says Paul, adding that he'd always wanted Midlake to "experiment more with the arrangements, or to get more into psychedelic textures." Those textures are evident on the lush first single, "Gold."



Chicago rapper Joey Purp announced a new project and released the new song "Bag Talk," which we wrote more about HERE.



Spectral folk duo Charalambides are back with a new album this fall and you can check out the first single below and read more about it HERE.



Ever wonder what it might sound like if The Beatles and The Residents made an album of cartoon music together? It might sound like this Primus offshoot, which you can read more about HERE.

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