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Denver-via-Seattle punks Public Opinion have announced a new EP, Modern Convenience, which comes out May 27 via Convulse Records and was co-produced by Regional Justice Center/Militarie Gun frontman Ian Shelton and engineer Phil Odom (Ceremony, Portrayal of Guilt, etc). The first single is the title track, a catchy garage punk anthem that kinda sounds like if The Hives were part of the current DIY hardcore scene.



Worcester post-hardcore band Silent Drive formed in the early 2000s with members of Bane, Drowningman, Ink Cartridge Funeral, and more, and put out one album in 2004. Now they're finally putting out a second, Fairhaven, on June 10 via Equal Vision, and they just released new single "Dearly Beloved." The production's a little more polished than the band were back in the day, but the sound picks up right where they left off.



No Plan is the new project of hardcore musicians Eva Hall (vocalist of Power Alone, ex-Rats in the Wall, Gather) and Matt Ants (Headcount), and their lineup is rounded out by members of Berthold City, Bent Blue, and more, but this band allows Eva and Matt to explore their love of pop punk. They told No Echo that influences included The Ergs!, Pinhead Gunpowder, and Screeching Weasel, and Eva added, "Vocally, I wish more than anything that I could just sound like Jason from Kid Dynamite, but I wasn’t blessed with such talents, so I just kind of drew inspiration from all those bands and did my own thing." Because Eva's usually more of a screamer, it resulted in something with a lot more of a hardcore edge than you might expect from the phrase "pop punk," making for a very cool middle ground between both genres. The band recorded their self-titled debut EP with Paul Minor (Thrice, Kill Your Idols, etc) and you can stream it now.



Brooklyn's Razor Braids are back with a new single. It's a breakup song set at the actual Williamsburg diner the song is named after. "I wrote these lyrics when I was going through a really tough breakup and shortly after experiencing a traumatic head injury," says the band's Hollye Bynum. "It's one of those moments where you say to yourself, 'How did I get here?' Years later during the initial Covid shutdown, I revisited this song when I was far away from my band and feeling a similar feeling of 'what the fuck is going to happen next?' I think, along with the rest of the world, I was confronted with the realization that shit is out of my hands and ultimately had to learn to lean into that."



Philadelphia post-punk six-piece Blood will release the Bye Bye EP on July 8 via Permanent Creeps. First single "Luck" is minimal, angular and skronky -- and quite danceable once you get into the groove.



New Mexico duo Tan Cologne will release their second album in September. Here's the dreamlike first single.



One-person Malaysian screamo band Piet Onthel is releasing a new EP this Friday, and you can read more about opening track "aliif" here.



A new Vagrant Records tribute album is coming via Wiretap Records and Friend Club Records, and here's two tracks from it. Read more here.


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