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Bonobo, who is gearing up for his OUTLIER DJ tour, is back with a new single, "Linked." It's a slow-building, mid-tempo dancefloor jam that just gets more and more beautiful as it goes on.



Modern doom greats Crypt Sermon have finally announced a followup to their beloved 2015 debut Out of the Garden. It's called The Ruins of Fading Light and due September 13th via Dark Descent, and going by lead single "Key of Solomon," it sounds like their knack for making addictive, trad-style doom is as strong as ever.



NJ grindcore greats Discordance Axis broke up back in 2001, and since then vocalist Jon Chang started Gridlink (who are now also on hiatus) and drummer Dave Witte did lots of stuff. Now, Chang and Discordance Axis guitarist Rob Marton have reunited to form the new band No One Knows What The Dead Think (with drummer Kyosuke Nakano of Cohol, Abort Mastication, and Defiled), and their debut single “Yohra” is a real scorcher. It sounds like Jon Chang and Rob Marton still have that chemistry they had back in the day, and it’s nice to hear Rob riffing again. Their debut self-titled album comes out September 20 via Willowtip Records.



New Order's new live album has a complicated title -- '∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes.. -- and a slightly less complicated premise. It was recorded during the Manchester International Festival where they played with a "synthesizer orchestra," performing many songs that hadn't been in a setlist in decades. They've just shared "Ultraviolence," a deep cut from side 2 of 1983's Power, Corruption and Lies that has been in regular set rotation for a while but sounds pretty great here, especially Stephen Morris' tom-heavy drumming.



Ty Segall's new album First Taste is out August 2 and here's a second taste from it: the trippy koto-inflected "Radio" which has a chorus of "I just want to sit and watch the new radio Watching people die all night long on the radio It makes me feel like I am living for free."



Belle & Sebastian have written and recorded 11 new songs -- and re-recorded a couple old ones -- for the soundtrack to upcoming film Days of the Bagnold Summer. "Sister Buddha" is very classic-sounding B&S -- read more about the soundtrack and the film here.



Last year, genre-defying heavy bands Uniform and The Body released the collaborative album Mental Wounds Not Healing, and now they’re already set to release another album together, Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back, on August 16 via Sacred Bones. You can read more about lead single "Penance" here.



Fresh off playing Enema of the State in full at Warped Tour, blink-182 returned with their third new single of 2019. You can read more about it here.



Re-Volts (who have current and former members of Swingin' Utters, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, One Man Army, Dead To Me, and more) have a new single that you can read more about here.


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