The Farewell Bend were a short-lived Kansas City emo band formed by Boys Life members Brandon Butler and John Rejba and Giants Chair's Paul Ackerman, who released a split 7" with Shiner and one album titled In Passing in 1998 before calling it quits. If you haven't heard it, it captures the '90s Midwest emo sound as well as Boys Life's seminal Departures and Landfalls, and it holds up really well today.

The album's been out of print for a while, but it's now getting a long-awaited reissue that was remastered by Shiner's Paul Malinowski. The reissue tacks on "Service Engine Soon" from the split with Shiner, and it's up for pre-order now at Spartan Records in three different variants (limited to 500 total). Watch the trailer below.

Heads Down
The Pen Ran Out Of Ink
Go Easy
On 3
Gift Horse
South For The Summer
St. Christopher
Open Door Policy
Walk It Off
Rumors About Lightning
Service Engine Soon (Bonus Track)


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