Hankshaw were a short-lived, underrated emo band from Florida who gigged with Hot Water Music, Elliott, The Get Up Kids, and other bands, and had releases on Network Sound Records, Doghouse, No Idea, and more. Their sole full-length was 1997's Nothing Personal, which is now getting a remastered (by Dan Coutant) reissue on July 16 via New Granada Records, alongside the release of the Something Personal compilation, which includes songs from their 1998 self-titled 7" and 2000 self-titled EP, as well as a track from Significant Records' 1996 Number One Priority Comp and the previously-unreleased song "Angels and Frogs" from 2000. We're premiering "Angels and Frogs" in this post, and it's truly a lost gem. It's gorgeous, jangly song that fits right in with the '90s emo/indie rock scene that Hankshaw were part of, as you can hear for yourself below.

01. Joined In The Sky
02. Those Few Minutes
03. Another Town
04. Reprimand
05. Good Things
06. At Your Convenience
07. Living Proof
08. N. Cater
09. Lockjaw
10. Miscellaneous

01. Angels And Frogs*
02. Lead Suits Of Armor**
03. Silk Noose**
04. Freedom For A Wage**
05. To All Slain Hope**
06. Kutz**
07. Maple***
08. Not The One***
09. Track #5 (Living Proof demo)****

*unreleased song from 2000
**s/t EP; Apt13 Records 2000
***s/t 7"; Schematic Records 1998
****Number One Priority Comp; Significant Records 1996