For those who want a closer look at the rich, storied history of New Jersey's basement and VFW Hall '90s punk scene, today is a very good day. The late Tim Morris, a Red Bank resident who was a fixture of the scene who both put on shows at his own house and taped lots of shows, had tons of footage of now-legendary bands in or before their prime in his vault before he passed away, and that footage is now finally seeing the light of day.

Chris Haug has been digitizing Tim's videos, and he launched a new YouTube page for them. So far it already features tons of cool videos like Unbroken in 1994 at a VFW in Bordentown, Samiam at Maxwell's in 1994, Converge in Middlesex in 1996, Undertow at both a house show and a VFW hall in 1994, and more. He also shot shows in NYC like Christie Front Drive and Portraits of Past in 1995 at ABC No Rio, and in Philly like Chokehold at University of the Arts in 1994.

Even more videos are coming, but in the meantime, watch all the aforementioned videos plus videos of Seein' Red, Union of Uranus, Walleye, Endeavor and Damnation A.D., below, and stay tuned to timmorrisvideos for more.

UPDATE: Even more cool videos were added, including footage of Hot Water Music, Deadguy, Lungfish, Earth Crisis, Strife, Braid, The Get Up Kids, and more. Watch below, and read a little more about Tim Morris in No Echo's new feature on him.

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