New York City hasn't had an alternative rock radio station for six years, since 101.9 RXP became a news station in 2011, but that just changed with ALT 92.3, "New York's New Alternative," Billboard reports. That's pretty good news, especially for an alt-rock fans who have a car that doesn't have Sirius or an aux input. And it's even more notable that it's on 92.3, formerly home to beloved alt-rock station K-ROCK, which shifted to Top 40 in 2009.

The Billboard article reports that in the first block of songs, the new station played such '90s alt-rock classics as Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Foo Fighters' "My Hero," plus 2000s pop-indie like MGMT's "Kids" and even newer pop-indie like Vance Joy. If it ends up being a way to introduce young fans of modern alternative to Nirvana, I'm personally all for it. (I'm in my twenties and the first time I ever heard Nirvana was on K-ROCK, years after Kurt had died.) And if you're wondering if anyone still listens to the radio anyway, Billboard points out that this year's Nielsen Music 360 Study found that terrestrial and satellite radio comprise 24 percent of listening time in the U.S., and that radio has the biggest reach of all music mediums, at 93 percent of the U.S. population.

You can tune in to ALT 92.3 HERE, or, you know, on your radio.