Gibson recently released a new signature guitar for Adam Jones of Tool: a limited-edition recreation of his 1979 Custom Silverburst Les Paul. A pallet-full were on a truck, en-route to the headquarters of online instrument and audio equipment sellers Sweetwater, in Fort Wayne, IN, when they were stolen at a Flying J Travel Center in Whiteland, IN. Chief Supply Chain and Merchandising Officer of Sweetwater, Phil Rich, thinks it was an inside job, saying, "Somehow out of a truck full of guitars, this ONE pallet was singled out and stolen at a truck stop. Totaling close to $95,000 in guitars, we feel this person/s knew exactly what to look for and when."

"These guitars were the dream guitars of 13 Gibson and Adam Jones fans," CMO of Gibson Cesar Gueikian said, "who had been patiently waiting for them to be delivered. We have decided to publish the serial numbers of the 13 stolen guitars and are appealing to all of Gibson’s fans to keep an eye out for them and let us know if they surface. Our fans should ask any third-party sellers for a serial number before purchasing to be sure they are not being sold one of the stolen guitars."

Find the serial numbers, and more details about the guitars below, and if you have any information about the stolen guitars, please contact Detective Kenny Polley of the Whiteland Police Department at or (317) 535-8100.


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