burnt laptops inside the House of Yes (Kae Burke)
House of Yes

The House of Yes was a Brooklyn venue (sorta) that was not as lucky as Zebulon and Webster Hall.

Since its conception last May, it has hosted within its walls decadent dance parties, hip-hop throw downs, burlesque birthdays, recording sessions, sing-alongs, circus rehearsals, decoration creation, costume workshops, family brunches, and quality conversation. The eights people who lived and worked out of the space were not just roomates. We became a real family of unique individuals who took care of each other and loved each other like the brothers and sisters that we became. Luckily, we still have each other.

As the House of Yes burnt down, we didn't only lose our cat, our home and our workspace.
We lost our ability to host weekly yoga sessions, circus skill share, and sewing workshops.
We lost sound equipment, cameras, books, heirlooms, toys, papers, furniture, and clothes.
We lost the tools and materials that we all used to make art and our community with. [The House of Yes]

Help them get some stuff back by attending the benefit this Saturday at the Pussycat Lounge in Manhattan (May 3, 2008). There will be music, circus acts, dancing (some nude), a silent auction and much, much more.