Earlier this week, news began circulating via facebook and a few news sites that the one and only Limp Bizkit would be performing a special 4/20 show at a Sunoco gas station in Dayton, Ohio. While it eventually became clear to most that the show was a hoax, that didn't stop all the local Bizkit-heads from showing up for a good party.

The local Fox news outlet covered the scene, and the ensuing broadcast is a predictably joyous orgy of backwards baseball caps and sleeve tattoos. It's somewhat inspiring. As local Bizkit fan Dirk Roburn puts it in the news spot, "I'm hoping that the community can rally around Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit's music, and just make Dayton a kinda cool spot that we can all come to and rock out."

Amen brother. Check out video from the scene below.