A Camp @ Union Hall

Nina and company were playing to a packed house. They played all the big songs from the s/t album - "Frequent Flier," "I Can Buy You," "Walking the Cow," "Algebra," "Song for the Leftovers," "Rock n' Roll Ghost," and a couple of others. They also played something called "Where the Wild Animals Are," or something like that, which started with the whole band making animal sounds and clapping in the air. Very nice. The encore (one song) was another really wonderful new one with just Nina and the Keyboardist playing it - simple, seemed to be a lamentation about being married (we can hope, can't we!!) Nina kept reaching into a little canvas bag to pull out harmonicas, water, percussion sticks...and she also professed to a deep fear of instruments. She sure did play them
nicely though. [trent wolbe]

More pics like the above, also @ Trent's Flickr. Knitting Factory tix still on sale.

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