Gorillaz Spirit House will be in Williamsburg this weekend (April 21-23 at Industria on S. 5th near Kent), which brings to life one corner of the animated band's world while showcasing SONOS' latest wireless audio speakers. We got an advance tour of the House and pictures are in the gallery above.

The installation is made up of two rooms, the first being Gorillaz's darkly lit hangout space, including a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes, ratty couch, fishtank and various posters on the wall (including one of Leonard Rossiter who you may know from UK sitcom The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin). The second room is the Gorillaz home theater with a seriously impressive mapped projection system showing videos from their new album Humanz (and showcasing the new SONOS PLAYBASE speaker). If you want to know more about the equipment, you'll hit a SONOS showroom before exiting. You'll also get to hear a few new Gorillaz songs while you're there.

Gorillaz Spirit House is open each day from noon - 8 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. RSVP is now closed.

Gorillaz will play NYC's Meadows Fest in September, and Outside Lands and other tour dates. They're also planning their own Chicago Festival.

After Brooklyn, the Spirit House moves to Berlin and Amsterdam.


photos by Amanda Hatfield and via Sonos

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