DOWNLOAD: Team B - The Last Christmas (MP3)

Team B

Team B has been very generous lately. First came a free Christmas song (MP3 above). Then a 9-song EP called "The Lost Son" (cover art above). Download the EP at their website. Catch them live with Wild Yaks at Union Pool tonight (1/16). More info below...



Our new EP is done! It has been a long time in the making (some of this material stretches back 4 years or more). All of the lyrics on the album are by the late Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Theodore Roethke. I have been a fan of his for a long time and am excited to be able to put some of his words to music. It features many of the Team B peeps as well as fellow Beiruter Perrin Cloutier on accordion.

I plan on releasing this on vinyl only a little later in the year, so get it for free while you can!

1. Intro - The Lost Son
2. The Visitant
3. The Reckoning
4. My Papa's Waltz
5. Genesis/Reply To Censure
6. Toil
7. The Lost Son
8. Gob Music
9. Praise To The End!

Their upcoming show

Union Pool, Meeker & Union Ave Brooklyn