Erin Moran appeared out of nowhere in 2001 as A Girl Called Eddy with an EP on indie label Le Grand Magistery that showcased a talent that had her being compared to Karen Carpenter, Carole King, Burt Bacharach, Rickie Lee Jones, and Prefab Sprout. She then hooked up with Richard Hawley to make her stunning 2004 self-titled debut that more than delivered on the EP's promise. Fifteen years later, she's finally making a follow-up.

Been Around, perhaps an answer to the question fans have had about A Girl Called Eddy's whereabouts, will be out on January 17 via Elefant. For this one, Erin worked with Daniel Tashian of The Silver Seas. "I fell really hard for The Silver Seas' album High Society a few years ago and felt that if we got the chance to work together someday it might be something special," says Erin. "Daniel's quite a Todd Rundgren character in that he plays every instrument, is a great writer and can pull out of his hat any style you can think of. I'd go: I'm thinking this one could be a bit Rickie Lee Jones with some ELO in the middle eight, but with a wash of blue to it" and he'd be like: OK, cool, got it! And he does. He gets it on all the levels you'd want from someone you're trusting your songs with." Also helping out on this album: Paul Williams, The Watson Twins, Bill DeMain, Viktor Krauss, legendary Nashville sideman Jim Hoke, and Michael Leonhardt.

The first single is Been Around's very Bacharach-ian title track which is as lush as you'd hope for from A Girl Called Eddy's first song in a decade and a half, and Erin's voice still sounds amazing. Watch the video below.

Erin did make a record in 2018 with FUGU under the name The Last Detail and you can listen to that, along with her self-titled debut, below.

A Girl Called Eddy - Been Around tracklist:
1. Been Around
2. Big Mouth
3. Jody
4. Charity Shop Window
5. Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart
6. Not That Sentimental Anymore
7. Two Hearts
8. Lucky Jack (20-1)
9. Come To The Palisades!
10. Finest Actor
11. NY Man
12. Pale Blue Moon (Bonus Track)

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