words by Ilya Blokh and BBG

Trash Talk at BV SXSW 2009 (more by Jacob Blickenstaff)
Trash Talk

Soooooooo much to do! With lineups changing by the second, its hard to get a handle on what is really going on down in ATX. As such, we completed our SxSW guide to metal but see it as an open book: if you see a show that you think should be added, please feel free to comment away or tweet at me (BBG) or at our dedicated sxsw twitter. Until then, these are the BrooklynVegan picks for heavy music at SxSW!


Torche at Highline Ballroom (more by Justina Villanueva)

Wednesday, March 17th

BBG: I'll avoid discussing my pick for the day party (*coughEmo'scough*) but at night Relapse has a pretty indestructible lineup, as does both Action PR as well as Prosthetic (both happening at Mohawk). In all fairness, I will probably move between the three venues, making sure to catch as much as I can.

Ilya Blokh: The day show is an easy choice, but the evening offers two equally weighed contenders with Action PR! and Relapse. This one's a close call, but Action PR! edges out due to the Prosthetic Records Showcase happening in the same venue (and High on Fire as the headliner).

Wednesday Day:


Emo's - 603 Red River
Brooklyn Vegan Day Party
12:00 PM - Kill The Client
12:35 PM - The Atlas Moth
01:20 PM - Javelina
02:05 PM - Dark Castle
02:50 PM - Salome
03:35 PM - Landmine Marathon
04:20 PM - Withered
05:05 PM - Torche

Waterloo Records - 600 North Lamar
Priestess (3pm),
High On Fire (2pm),

Riverboat Gamblers and Friends Day Party
at Antones, Free
Riverboat Gamblers (4pm)
Krum Bums (2:55pm)

Wednesday Night:

High on Fire at Hammerstein (more by Paul Birman)
high on fire

Mohawk - 912 Red River St.
Action PR! Showcase - Outside
7:30 PM - Mondo Drag
8:15 PM - Naam
9:00 PM - Bison BC
9:45 PM - The Gates of Slumber
10:30 PM - Zoroaster
11:15 PM - Priestess
12:15 AM - High on Fire

Prosthetic Records Showcase - Inside
7:20 PM - Lions of Tsavo
8:20 PM - Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire
9:20 PM - The Funeral Pyre
10:20 PM - Book of Black Earth
11:20 PM - Withered
12:30 AM - Landmine Marathon
1:20 AM - Scale the Summit


Red 7 - 611 E 7th St
Relapse Records Showcase - Inside
8:00 PM - Kill the Client
8:35 PM - Mammoth Grinder
9:15 PM - Howl
10:00 PM - Graves of Valor
10:45 PM - Tombs
11:30 PM - Brian Posehn
12:15 AM - Voivod

7:20 PM - Mauosa
8:00 PM - Bastard Children Death Cult
9:00 PM - Gagakirise
10:00 PM - Born to Lose
11:00 PM- Trash Talk
12:00 AM - Suidakra
1:00 AM - Orphaned Land

Austin Music Hall - 208 Nueces St.
8:45 PM - Voivod
10:30 PM - Motorhead

Emo's Main Room - 603 Red River St.
11:00 PM - Dillinger Escape Plan

Red Eyed Fly - 715 Red River St.
11:20 PM - Darkest Hour
12:15 AM - The Ghost of a Thousand

1107 Angelina St.
starts at 6pm
Touche Amore, Fire Team Charlie, Native, For Want Of, Oriana Raeo


Zoroaster at The Studio @ Webster (more by Justina Villanueva)

Thursday, March 18th

BBG: I'll spare you all my pick for the day show (we added Trash Talk! It's 50 cap!), but for the night I'll probably spend my time at Chaos In Tejas Presents and possible scoot on over to catch Goatwhore at Headhunters.

Ilya Blokh: The afternoon is packed end-to-end with shows. Start off with the BV day party, head to the Chronic Youth showcase next and round off the night with Tee Pee Records.

Thursday Day:


Hoeks Death Metal Pizza - 511 E 6th st
Brooklyn Vegan/1000Knives/Crustcake Day Party
12:00 PM Speedwolf
12:35 PM The Funeral Pyre
01:10 PM Book of Black Earth
01:50 PM Landmine Marathon
02:30 PM Coffinworm
03:10 PM Zoraster
03:50 PM The Atlas Moth
04:30 PM Kill the Client
05:10 PM Trash Talk

Emo's - 603 Red River
Full Metal Texas
12:10 PM - Karnivool
12:55 PM - Amarna Reign
1:40 PM - Iron Age
2:30 PM - IwrestledABearOnce
3:20 PM - Darkest Hour
4:15 PM - Orphaned Land
5:10 PM - Fair to Midland
12:05 PM - Your Demise
12:45 PM - Lions Lions
1:30 PM - Naam
2:15 PM - Howl
3:00 PM - Upon a Burning Body
3:40 PM - Animals as Leaders
4:25 PM - Born of Osiris
5:15 PM - Special Guest

Converse / Small Stone Day Party
6pm: Honky
5pm: Sun Gods In Exile
4pm: Tia Carrera
3pm: Magnet School
2pm: Chylde
5:30pm Suplecs
4:30pm Gozu
3:30pm Roadsaw
2:30pm Killa Dilla
1:30pm Whitey Morgan & The 78's

East End Tattoo - 1101 Navasota Street
Chronicyouth.com Showcase
12:00 Kriesor
12:30 Hopewell
1:00 Goes Cube
1:30 Lullabye Arkestra
2:00 Bitter End
2:30 Death Before Dishonor
3:00 Yahowah 13
3:30 Dark Castle
4:00 Hull
4:30 Snake Sustaine
5:00 Zoroaster
5:30 Entrance Band
6:00 Serena-Maneesh
6:30 Joan Of Arc
7:00 The Atlas Moth
7:30 Alpha & Omega

Escapes V at Big Parking Lot (306 E. 3rd St.) [free]
Acid Mothers Temple (7pm),
These Are Powers (6:30pm),
Tobacco (6pm),
Quiet Hooves (5:30pm),
Reverse X Rays (5pm),
Prince Rama (4:30pm),
Soft Healer (4pm),
Spiked Punch (3:30pm),
Lord Scrummage (3pm),
Lord Jeff (2:30pm),
Rainbow Arabia (2pm),
So Cow (1:30pm),
When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (1pm),
Zs (12:30pm),
Videohippos (noon),
Yahowha13 (11am)

Giant Steps Productions presents FUSXSW
starts at noon, free, 21+
Touche Amore (LA)

The Parlor [a] [m] [free]
Shit and Shine (6:30pm),
Todd (3:30pm),


Thursday Night:

Hatred Surge at The Charleston (more by Justina Villaneuva)
Hatred Surge

Tee Pee Records
Habana Calle 6 - 709 E 6th St
8:20 PM - Kreisor
9:20 PM - Quest for Fire
10:30 PM - Nebula
11:20 PM - Naam
12:20 AM - Iron Age
1:20 AM - Priestess

Encore - 611 Red River St.
Small Stone
7:00 PM - Luder
8:00 PM - Throttlelord
9:00 PM - The Brought Low
10:00 PM - Sasquatch
11:00 PM - Solace
12:00 AM - House of Broken Promises
1:00 AM - Dixie Witch

Chaos in Tejas presents
at Beerland
OFF! (members of Circle Jerks & Red Kross),
Charlie & the Moonhearts,
Hex Dispensers,
Gun Outfit

at Lucky Lady Bingo Hall (1107 IH-35, 12th and the highway on the east side) [9pm-2:30am, free, all ages]
Ty Segall,
Ear Pwr,
Hatred Surge,
Teenage Cool Kids,
Endless Blockade

Goatwhore (1am),
Bastard Child Death Cult (midnight),
Warbeast (11pm),
Hat Talk (10pm),
She Rides (9pm),
Crank Co. Daredevils (8pm),
Shotgun Rebels (7pm),
Faceblaster (6pm),
Sawyer Family (5pm)


Friday, March 19th

BBG: Day party has a clear cut winner in the Thrasher/Converse show at Scoot Inn, and night time is a sinch, the unmissable Profound Lore/20 Buck Spin show. That lineup is STACKED.

Ilya Blokh: Though shows abound during the day, only the Thrasher/Converse Deathmatch shows much promise (although I'd sneak off to see Goatwhore at Emo's, then come back for Voivod). Then head off to the epic Profound Lore/20 Buck Spin line-up in the evening.

Friday Day:

Goatwhore on a boat (more by Chloe Rice)

The Scoot Inn - 1308 East 4th Street
Thrasher/Converse Deathmatch
1:00 PM - Atomic Bitchwax
2:15 PM - Mammoth Grinder
3:15 PM - Quest for Fire
4:30 PM - Off With Their Heads
12:15 PM - Kreisor
1:45 PM - Green & Wood
2:45 PM - Iron Age
3:45 PM - Nebula
5:00 PM - Voivod

Emo's - 603 Red River St
Outside - Heavy Hitter Inc/New England Metal and Hardcore Festival
12:30PM - Lions Lions
1:00PM - Acaro
1:30PM - We are the End
2:00PM - Wrath and Rapture
2:30PM - Legend
3:15PM - Defeater
4:00PM - Goatwhore
5:00PM - MyChildren MyBride

Plush - 617 Red River St.
Giant Steps
City of Ships

Heavy Metal Pool Hall Party
at The Grand (4631 Airport Blvd, Ste. 121)
RatKing (7pm),
Green & Wood (L.A, 6pm),
The Roller (5pm),
Red Octopus (San Diego, 4pm),
Howl (3pm)

Escapes VI
at Downtown Burgers (310 E. 3rd St.) [free]
Liturgy (4:30pm)

Giant Steps Productions presents FUSXSW
at Plush [a] [m] [free, 21+]
Constants (Boston, 7:20pm),
Junius (Boston, 6:30pm),
City Of Ships (Pensacola, 5:40pm),

The Parlor
1pm-8pm, free

1111 Saucedo St.
starts at noon
The White Mice

MWTX Party (Mess With Texas)
1001 E. 6th St. [noon-9pm, free, all ages]
The Bronx, Off! (members of Circle Jerks and Redd Kross)

The Atlas Moth at LPR (more by Meghan McInnis)
The Atlas Moth

Friday Night:


Headhunters - 720 Red River St
Profound Lore/20 Buck Spin
7:00 PM - Dark Castle
7:55 PM - Coffinworm
8:50 PM - Hatred Surge
9:10 PM - The Endless Blockade
9:45 PM - Salome
10:40 PM - White Mice
11:35 PM - Yakuza
12:15 PM - Liturgy
1:30 AM - The Atlas Moth

Encore - 611 Red River St.
7:00 PM - Epileptinomicon
8:00 PM - Drunkdriver
9:00 PM - Home Blitz
10:00 PM - Headdress
11:00 PM - Sonny & The Sunsets
12:00 PM - True Widow
1:00 AM - Todd
7:00 PM - Liturgy
8:00 PM - Speedwolf
9:00 PM - Iron Man
10:00 PM - Moon Duo
11:00 PM - Shit and Shine
12:00 AM - Pierced Arrows
1:00 AM - Dengue Fever

Broken Neck - 4701 Red Bluff Rd
Rusted Shut
Total Abuse

Soho Lounge - 217 E 6th St
9:35: Hemoptysis


Howl at BBG CMJ (more by Samantha Marble)

Saturday, March 20th:

BBG: My allegiances are simple for the day party, and Tone Deaf has an unmissable lineup of southern madness.

Ilya Blokh: Start the day off right with BV's last day show of SXSW 2010, swing by the Ear Splitters showcase to catch The Atlas Moth, Yakuza and Struck by Lightning and end the night at the unmissable Tone Deaf Touring showcase.

Saturday Day:


Red 7 - 611 East 7th St
Brooklyn Vegan/TeePee Records/Chronic Youth/Converse present Attitude Adjustment
Indoor Stage
12:45 PM - Alpha & Omega
1:30 PM - Torae
2:15 PM - Touche Amore
3:00 PM - Iron Age
3:45 PM - Trash Talk
4:30 PM - Buckshot
5:30 PM - Black Milk
Outdoor Stage
12:45 PM - Naam
1:15 PM - Liturgy
2:00 PM - Howl
2:45 PM - Bison BC
3:30 PM - Nebula
4:15 PM - Priestess
5:00 PM - The Gates of Slumber

Galaxy Room - 508 E 6th St
Brooklyn Vegan/M for Montreal Day Party
3:15 - Voivod
4:15 - Andrew WK

Encore Records - 1745 W. Anderson Lane
Mala Suerte
Mammoth Grinder
Green & Wood

Plush - 617 Red River St.
Giant Steps
Dark Castle

Metropolis Apartment Complex - 2200 S. Pleasant Valley Rd.
Ear Splitters Showcase
12:00 PM - Nanda Devi
12:30 PM - Hellas Mounds
01:00 PM - Empires
01:30 PM - Adai
02:00 PM - Junius
02:30 PM - Caltrop
03:00 PM - Toad
03:30 PM - Haarp
04:00 PM - Savagist
05:00 PM - Power Pellut
05:30 PM - Cloud Burial
06:00 PM - The Atlas Moth
06:30 PM - Yakuza
07:00 PM - Struck By Lightning
07:30 PM - Snake Sustaine
08:00 PM - East Of The Wall
08:30 PM - City of Ships
09:00 PM - Goes Cube
09:30 PM - Hull
10:00 PM - Javelina
10:30 PM - Battlefields

The Scoot Inn - 1308 East 4th Street
Thrasher/Converse Deathmatch Day 2
1:00 PM - House of Broken Promises
2:15 PM - Red City Radio
3:15 PM - Gozu
4:15 PM - Bad Shit
12:15 PM - Sasquatch
1:45 PM - Roadsaw
2:45 PM - Dixie Witch
5:00 PM - Trash Talk

MWTX PARTY - MWTX Lot - 1001 E. 6th St.
Fucked Up
Andrew WK

Harley Does Austin
Club Deville, RSVP to rsvp@msopr.com
Priestess (5pm),

United States Art Authority (510 W. 29th St.) [free]
Jason Simon (of Dead Meadow, 6pm)

Saturday Night:

Rwake at LPR (more by Greg Cristman)

Encore - 611 Red River St.
Tone Deaf Touring Showcase
8:00 PM - U.S. Christmas
9:00 PM - ASG
10:00 PM - Black Tusk
11:00 PM - Rwake
12:00 AM - Black Cobra
1:00 AM - Weedeater

Club Primos - 1700 E 6th St.
Ballistic Missile & Parade of Flesh Party
9:00 PM - HOWL
9:30 PM - Fang Island
10:00 PM - Struck By Lightning
10:30 PM - Medio Mutante
11:00 PM - Quest for Fire
11:30 PM - Quiet Hooves

Abstract Atmosphere (TX, 2pm)
21st Street CO-OP (707 W. 21st St.)[free]
Haarp (9:45pm)


Sunday, March 21st:

BBG: Sunday is a day when the crowds are usually clearing out, so get the to Red 7 for a mixed bill of the heavy and introspective.

Battlefields at Union Pool (more by Brian Reilly)

Emo's - 603 Red River
Outside - High Times Doobie Awards
Karma to Burn
House of Broken Promises
Los Marijuanos
Prospect Hill
Dixie Witch
Amy Jo Savannah

Radar Recordings and Giant Steps Productions' Goodby South-by
At Red 7
Inside Stage
Rival Schools (11:45pm),
Constants (10:45pm),
Junius (9:45pm),
Native (8:45pm),
Adai (7:45pm),
City of Ships (6:45pm),
Juarez (5:45pm),
Butterfly Explosion (4:45pm)

Outside stage
Caspian (11:15pm),
Fang Island (10:15pm),
Pack of Wolves (9:15pm),
Battlefields (8:15pm),
InAeona (7:15pm),
East of the Wall (6:15pm),
The Atlas Moth (5:15pm),
And So I Watch You From Afar (4:15pm)


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