A Knife In The Dark are a new North Carolina straightedge hardcore band with members of The Burning Wind, Dwell, Magnitude, and Jail Socks, and their debut EP Somewhere Between the Pew and Fire comes out this Friday (10/1) via Bitter Melody Records (pre-order). Across three songs, the band show off a sound that's heavy and metallic and has more of a blunt, straightforward attack than the tech-ier music the members made in their previous band The Burning Wind.

"I guess writing and performing complicated music is impressive but it’s also extremely unfulfilling," Jeremy White tells us. "I’m more interested in playing music that goes off live and I figure the only way to do that is to have hard riffs and a message that folks can connect with. Bands like Foundation and Discourse essentially made a roadmap for this band in terms of lyrical content, whereas faster bands like Advent and Cult Leader are heavy influences musically."

Kris Wishon adds, "After The Burning Wind kind of phased out, Jeremy, Coston, and I decided to take things in a different direction. After finding Caleb and Colman, starting an edge band just felt natural. Straight edge is something we are proud of and it’s such a big part of who we are, as a group and individually. I remember growing up, finding straight edge and just thinking, 'damn, this is me.' It just made so much sense, even as a 13 year old kid. Even though all of our songs won’t be about it directly, I feel pretty comfortable saying that all of us would like this band to be a celebration of what straight edge means to us."

Jeremy adds, "Being straight edge is a no brainer for me because I’ve been to a 7-11 past 8pm. I wanted to shift to an all edge band because it’s amazing to have band members that show up on time and have money to help pay for shit."

Stream the EP below...

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