Yo Majesty

This is Carrie the personal assistant for Jwl. B. I have seen in several articles and blogs with incorrect information. Jwl. B. is still an active member of Yo Majesty. So the rumors that Shunda K. are spreading are 100% FALSE! Jwl. B. is incarcerated and will be released soon. I would like to state that in the court of law she is innocent until proven guilty. I cannot comment any further on her case because it is pending at this time. Shunda K. is currently touring without Jwl. B. until Jwl.B. can rejoin her on the tour. Shunda is 100% aware of this and has kept in contact with myself and relatives of Jwl. B. expressing her concern about Jwl. B. but in the media she has shown no concern for her bandmate and has given false information.

Domino records is currently preparing for Jwl.B.'s return to the tour. Although it is a known fact that Shunda and Jwl. B have had personal problems on and off stage it is totally unacceptable that Shunda K. is using the media to elevate her solo career and ruin the image and reputation of her bandmate and the name Yo Majesty. This stands in the way of the integrity of the group and it ruins her credabilty in the public eye. Domino records is aware of Shunda's false allegations yet they have offered no comment.

Carrie Yates
Personal assistant

Videos of Shunda and Jwl in happier days below...

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