In case you missed this in the comments here and at Curbed:

Galapagos Art Space isn’t closing; the rumor is just a rumor, like the 'supervenue' rumor in October.

But cultural infrastructure is evaporating in our white-hot real estate market. If a pier in Red Hook, not even the one with the best view, sells for forty million dollars, and a parcel of land in Greenpoint can fetch one hundred and forty million, then it will become increasingly difficult, desperate by some accounts, for artists to maintain a meaningful presence in our city.

The real estate rumors that swirl around the arts are evidence of a community under great stress, wondering where it should go and fearful of how it will get there.

Robert Elmes
Director Galapagos Art Space

ALSO: Stop by Galapagos on January 9th for a free screening of the new, appropriately entitled movie "Before the Music Dies". Here's the trailer...

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