outside the Boredoms

They sent me this:


We apologize to anyone who had trouble getting into the Boredoms 77 Boadrum show on July 7th. To avoid any such problems at the July 29th Pool Party featuring TV on the Radio, Celebration and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson we will be doing things differently. JELLYNYC and GOING.COM, who have maintained the RSVP list for four very crowded and successful POoL PARTIES shows together so far this year, will continue to be in charge of RSVP list for POoL PARTIES for the remainder of the series (including this SUNDAY'S BAND OF HORSES / ANNUALS / OXFORD COLLAPSE show).

To eliminate any potential confusion, this is how the system will work for the TV On The Radio show on July 29:

Continued below....

--The first 3000 people to RSVP through our site at
newyork.going.com/poolpartiesjuly29 will be guaranteed entry for this event.

--We will be running the front gate on our regular first come first, first in basis throughout the day.

--There will be two separate lines:
-----one for those that have RSVPed through newyork.going.com/poolpartiesjuly29.
-----one for general admission

--As we near capacity we will let a point on line know that they are either definitely getting in or that they will become the start of the one in, one out entry system.

--Because of the expected size of the crowd there will be no line skipping re-entry at this event.

If there are any further confusions regarding the RSVP or entry for this or any of the JELLYNYC Pool Parties please get in touch through info@jellynyc.com.

Thank You,


My question to JellyNYC (which I will try and get answered) is: How can you guarantee entry to all 3000 people who RSVP without a time limit? I would imagine you need to make a cut off time, or else you have to leave space in the venue right up to the end for the potential 1000 people who RSVP'd, but never show up, but could at any time.... What do you think?