As you've been reading, there was lots of drama associated with the Flaming Lips show at Gotham Hall the other night. The following message was posted on the Flaming Lips message board the band's drummer.

"Yeah, it sucks that that happened to me, but I'm just as pissed that it happened to 250 or so people who's only crime was that they wanted to go see a band that they liked for free. I put the entire blame on whoever made this show public in the first place. That's the biggest dickhead in this whole thing. Nobody was prepared for a bunch of people to show up and try to get in. Granted, the security guards were way out of line and I'm not trying to defend their behavior because they're obviously all assholes with really small penises, but they weren't expecting all you guys to show up and they freaked out. It was a fucked up situation all the way around and I feel really, really shitty that all of this happened. It was supposed to be a cool, weird little thing that got blown up.

TO THOSE WHO GOT IN: I hope you had a wonderful night despite/because of the whole weird atmosphere and the shitty, echoey sound and me being freaked out and fucking up a bunch because, other than the altercation with the bodyguard, I had a wonderful night and I had a blast playing even though I was having a panic attack for the first 4 songs and, well, despite the hecticness of the whole evening, I wouldn't change a thing because I got to see Wayne jump up on top of a brand new sports car and throw confetti all over it and I got to watch the poor Mazda people clean it up afterwards and I got reunited with my friend Curt who moved away from Lawrence 5 years ago while I was on tour and we lost touch until about a week ago.

TO THOSE WHO DIDN'T GET IN AND/OR WERE TREATED SHITTILY BY THE SECURITY: I honestly can't apologize enough and I feel confident in speaking on behalf of everybody else when I say that there are no words to say how terrible we feel that you were treated like that just because you wanted to come see us play. You have to know that we snuck in as many people as we could and we would have gotten all of you in if we could have. I can't reiterate enough that this show shouldn't have been made public in the first place. We agreed to play it thinking it was a private, invite-only charity event that would pay for our movie. We didn't know it would turn into all of this and we are very, very, very, very sorry."


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