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Dear Friends,

Dave HillI was just writing to let you know that this week is pretty much the most exciting week that has ever fucking happened ever. Shit. Fuck. Piss. Damn. Anyway, for starters, as many of you who read the popular Brooklyn Vegan website probably already totally know about, this week is the week during which the exciting College Music Journal Music Marathon (or CMJ as it is known to “some”) is happening. Talk about good times- this is an example of that. Whether you like music or simply like to stand in line with a bunch of people who do (Ha! That is a playful reference to the lines that are common during this exciting event)- trust me on this one- you could do a lot worse than to attend this popular annual musical festival happening right here in town.

Happy HalloweenAdding to the excitement is the fact that this year “CMJ” is happening the very same week as Halloween, the popular celebration of candy, costumes, and scary stuff in general. Why not get into the spirit of things by grabbing two of your friends and attending a CMJ rock show dressed as the Three Blind Mice, Charlie’s Angels, or something else that will keep people guessing? I am just thinking out loud here. Have fun with it.

Also, I realize that some of you who are attending “CMJ” are from out of town. So- on behalf of me and all the other people who live here in New York City- welcome to our fair city. There is so much to see and do. Also, New York is far less knifey and rapey than it has ever been, so don’t hesitate to really sink your teeth into things and take advantage of the “anything goes” approach to life that we, as New Yorkers, get to enjoy every single day without even thinking about it. “A punk rocker, a Rastafarian, and a Hasidic Jewish guy all hanging out together eating Chinese food made by a Mexican person? It is now that I have seen everything,” you might say to yourself at some point during your visit. And to that I say “Ha! Welcome to New York City! Mexicans are everywhere in this town!”

Sarah Schaefer & Ron JeremyAnother thing I wanted to mention is that Brooklyn Vegan, the website on which you are reading this right now, is hosting three shows during “CMJ” and you should totally come to all of them. They are happening on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday of this week (You can probably click on something somewhere in the sentences I am typing here to find out the exact info). I am hosting the Wednesday and Friday shows and the lovely and talented Sara Schaefer is hosting the Saturday show. She is really nice and pretty but also married, so just, like, know that going in, okay?

Okay, so that about covers it as far as the topics I wanted to cover here in this letter. See you around town soon or something I hope. That would be so great.

Your man,
Dave Hill

Happy Halloween

Dave Hill to host two BrooklynVegan shows