Richard (aka Pocket) from Burnside Project sent out an MP3 mix tape for the holidays. I asked if he would mind presenting it as guest post on this site. He thought it was a good idea, so here's his letter followed by the mix....

Richard from Burnside Project

2005 was the year I became rather obsessed with rock and roll again (after a bit of a hiatus.) I soaked up the BritRock invasion, caught more live shows than usual and drove to Montreal to catch my first-ever U2 concert (wow).

These are my 15 favorite songs discovered in 2005. Not all were released in 2005, but you should all hear them anyway. I did some editing for your enjoyment. Throw it on your iPod or burn yourself a CD.

If you like what you hear, go buy the albums. Most of these artists need your support (ok, maybe not U2 but...)

Happy Holidays
- Richard.

01) the national - baby, we'll be fine
02) redjetson - stay comfortable
03) the mfa - the difference it makes (superpitcher remix)
04) appareil - i will betray you
05) mendoza line - mysterious in black
06) the evens - mt. pleasant
07) the church - 0408
08) buckingham nicks - long distance runner
09) element - not an opinion
10) rex the dog - i look into mid-air
11) lady sovereign - ch-ching
12) tatu - cosmos (outerspace)
13) royksopp - what else is there
14) u2 - miracle drug
15) sigur ros - glosoli

Burnside Project plays Northsix in Brooklyn on January 13, 2006 with Eiffel Tower and The Diggs. Check their tour dates page for the latest.

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