You see more and more "no photos" signs up at shows these days, like at LCD Soundsystem and Hope Sandoval. Maynard James Keenan seems to especially dislike them, and Tool and A Perfect Circle shows are well known for their camera policies. They really mean business on A Perfect Circle's current tour. Signs stating "NO PHOTOS OR VIDEOS! INCLUDING PHOTOS AND VIDEOS TAKEN WITH CELLPHONES...IT WILL RESULT IN EJECTION" have been plastered at venues the night of shows, even, as you can see in the shot above, put on the backs of chairs.

The picture above was taken before A Perfect Circle's show at Reading PA's Santander Arena on Saturday (11/4) where, according to radio prep service The Pulse of The Radio (via Blabbermouth), some 60 or so fans were ejected for trying to snap pics with their phone. "I was thrown out by six Reading police officers for taking pictures," wrote one person on Santander Arena's Facebook the night of the show. "No warning, they blamed the band. Never in 35 years of concert going have I have been treated so poorly. I won't be back...All they had to do was say, no cameras. I would have complied and there would have been no interaction with the Police." In comments in the Instagram at the top of this post, one person wrote "the security's flashlights hunting for people taking pictures were more distracting than cell phones in my opinion."

APC's tour hit Brooklyn's Barclays Center last weekend where our photographer reported they "threw dozens upon dozens out for cell phone pics." If you're going to see A Perfect Circle on this tour...just know they're not kidding around with those signs.