Christo Buffam (Dead Leaf Echo, The Vandelles) died back in March and while there was a memorial and a couple small tributes, a very big tribute show is happening on Saturday (5/30) at Silent Barn. It's a free, all-day show with nearly 20 bands playing on staggered stages from 3 PM - 2 AM. A Place to Bury Strangers will headline, with performances from The Vandelles, Dead Leaf Echo, Heaven, Sanquine Drone, 28 degrees taurus, The Teen Age and more. Full line-up below.

The show -- part of this weekend's Bushwick Open Studios -- is technically free, but donations are highly suggested and proceeds will go to Buffam's family and the out-of-town touring bands on the bill. Full tribute show line-up below...


Christo Buffam tribute line-up
A Place To Bury Strangers
The Vandelles
Dead Leaf Echo
bloody knives (ATX)
The Teen Age
Lost Children
28 degrees taurus (Boston)
Magic Shoppe (Boston)
Baby Acid
Maquina Supervium
Moon Furies
Sanquine Drone (California)
Andy Durutti
Dialogue from a Silent Film
Zoe Wardlaw