A Place to Bury Strangers released See Through You back in February, which was their first full-length album for their own Dedstrange label. See Through You takes the sonic directions of last year's Hologram EP further, with more of a minimal wave approach, and an emphasis on the group's new rhythm section who are pumping out serious grooves. You can listen to that below.

We checked in with APTBS frontman Oliver Ackermann to find out what he listened to this year and his Top 10 Albums list includes ADULT., Wah Together, Oneida, No Age's Randy Randall, Plattenbau, and more. Check out Ollie's Top 10 and commentary below.

A Place to Bury Strangers will be on tour in Europe and the UK in early 2023 and those dates are listed below.

Oliver Ackermann (A Place to Bury Strangers) - Top 10 Albums of 2022

The Serfs : Primal Matter
This record is so great. Can’t wait to see The Serfs some day in the future. The perfect '80s shoegoth new wave punk travesty. I will always love albums like this. It's just what Ollie’s doctor ordered.

Dan Friel : Factoryland
Totally down to get freaky with some hypersensory noise tracks from time to time I just wanna get lost in some only slightly familiar place. Experimental sounds is that place and Dan is your guide to the underworld.

Data Animal : Future Primitive
It’s from the future and it's gonna smack upside your face with a faux-leather glove. A battle axe of grooves and jams not suited for browsing through isles at the grocery store. This is flying down the road when you just don’t care because sunglasses are cool.

N8NOFACE : Homicide
Man do I wish this shit was going on when I first found punk. It's such sick synth punk with a happy evil edge. Maybe it's not happy but it makes me happy. Blast this as loud as it goes and let your body destroy the room you’re in.

Matchess : Sonescent
Two 18-minute explorations into weaving. Sounds like maybe the soundtrack to a period piece from live out on the range. Relaxing and peaceful and yet somehow haunting.

ADULT. : Becoming Undone
Go listen to this right now. Always beyond interesting groves and manipulations by these masters. I hadn't heard a record by them in a while and when I saw this in the shop I decided to give it a go and sooooo glad I did. Filled with bad assery and speeeeeeeed and I love speed.

Oneida : Success
They did it!! Finally made it! I'm so happy for them. Hard to find another set of gritty poppers that really explore the freak that exists in all of us. This album is an airplane ride to fun land. What a lovely musical group.

Lunacy : Echo In The Memory
Such a unique take on the dark uninhabited world of tape. The sounds emerge from static just as the scariest drum machine you have ever heard is coming over the hill. DO NOT take acid to this record. You will freak out.

Wah Together : Let’s Wah Together
Such an incredible record from the twisted minds of some real sponges of hip and cool. Love lust passing out and awaking in a world where everything is gum drops and curtains. Dance all your way to the party.

Randy Randall : Sound Field 2020
This is a really extremely beautiful album. I kind of feel like it is a gorgeous sunset. Absolutely breathtaking and slowly fading away.

Plattenbau : Shape / Shifting
Man did I fall heavy for this record. I loved it and then we played with them live and I have to say it is pure dripping magic. You might have to listen to it a few times to go full goblin but you will guaranteed.

The Pleasure Majenta : Looming, The Spindle
This record has such a vibe. Its so weird and yet so right on, just creeping along packed with cool stacked on cool. Sax, poetry, fuzz, blood, it's all here.


26 Jan | Kiel Kiel, Germany
27 Jan - Northern Winter Beat Festival 2023 Aalborg, Denmark
28 Jan | Malmo Malmö, Sweden
30 Jan | Oslo Oslo, Norway
31 Jan | Stockholm Johanneshov, Sweden
02 Feb | Helsinki Helsinki, Finland
03 Feb | Talinn Tallinn, Estonia
04 Feb | Riga Rīga, Latvia
05 Feb | Vilnius Vilnius, Lithuania
06 Feb | Warsaw Warszawa, Poland
07 Feb | Poznan, PL Poznań, Poland
08 Feb | Berlin Berlin, Germany
09 Feb | Koln Cologne, Germany
11 Feb | Kortrijk Kortrijk, Belgium
27 May - Brockwell Park Brixton, United Kingdom
11 Aug - Sonic Blast 2023 Vila Praia De Âncora, Portugal

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