As a rule, New Yorkers like to think they're ready for anything. Blackouts, earthquakes, floods... but maybe not possums. That's what happened, though, when a marsupial wandered into Greenpoint's Temkin's Bar on Thursday night (5/26). Luckily one of the human patrons was prepared. "Hold the phone, I'm from Alaska," she said, before crouching under the booth and coming out with the possum by its neck. As the whole bar freaked out, the Alaskan took the possum outside a set it free. What a baller!

This description will not prepare you for the video footage, which was caught on Instagram stories by !!! (chk chk chk) drummer Chris Egan and French actor Jonathan Reyes, and then reposted on Greenpointers. Watch below but, trigger warning: possums.

!!! just released new album Let it Be Blue.

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