UPDATE: Though MPR News called it "The Show with Chris Thile," Minnesota Public Radio said in a statement on Sunday (12/2) that an official new name for A Prairie Home Companion hasn't been chosen yet.

Minnesota Public Radio announced earlier this week that, in addition to firing Garrison Keillor for alleged inappropriate behavior, the creator and former host of long-running radio program A Prairie Home Companion, they would be changing the name of the show as well. As revealed Saturday night (12/2) with the live broadcast from NYC's Town Hall, it has been renamed The Show with Chris Thile.Chris Thile commented on the situation at the top of the show:

Before we begin the show today I want to take a moment to address something which you’ve probably heard about by now, which is MPR is severing ties with Garrison Keillor over allegations of inappropriate behavior.

This is, of course, heartbreaking news. As I’ve said many times on the air, ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ has always been a source of refuge and inspiration for me personally. I really did tune in every Saturday as a kid, and like millions of us, I would not be the person I am today without ‘Prairie Home.’

Today we are in the middle of a national movement which I believe represents progress. We’re recognizing the harmful power imbalance that women have had to endure for so long in our culture. My sincere hope is that with awareness will come improvement.

As for this show, I want it to be a place for us to gather around, hear great music, laugh together, reflect and gain respite from our weekly troubles. People are capable of such beauty. I aim to bring some of it to you on the radio every Saturday. And I’m as thrilled as ever to say, coming to you live from New York City, welcome to ‘Town Hall.’

With that came applause and the show went on. Thile welcomed Spoon, Cécile McLorin Salvant, and Carmen Lynch. You can listen to the whole show over at MPR.

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