David Deporis isn't actually playing CMJ this year, but he is playing the free BrooklynVegan show upstairs @ Pianos on November 1st @ 4 pm. Above video shot by Punkcast.

Name and occupation?
David Deporis, musicalia

Is this your first time playing CMJ?
Played it once before with Doveman, Cloud Cult and Aziz Ansari at Tonic, a fun night.

Any tips for those coming from out of town?
Kind of out of phase with New York City at the moment and typing you from Florida where the American Dream floats around like a confused manatee with speedboat propeller scars on its back and a Ronald McDonald wig on. Well, New yorkers like to move fast, elbowing to get on subways and all that. PErhaps due to my rusticity at the moment, I would encorage visitors to avoid all that and go to Central Park, it's a fine and labyrinthine place.

Oh yea, Red Hook is fantastic, I really love going out there and walking around. In years past, I would go out there with unfinished songs and just wander around as the forge in my brain shaped and bent the components of the songs into seaworthy compositions.

I like to stretch out and take up a lot of space these days so my suggestions reflect that. If you don't mind the crowds, there are the usual suspects (museums, bars, times square with it's scrolling billboards and barkers, etc).

In any case, enjoy your stay travelers and I'll see some of you at the show...

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