Foo Fighters played a surprise show at DC's 9:30 Club on Thursday night, which was the first show back since the pandemic at the long-running club that has been in its current location since 1995. WTOP reports that Dave Grohl, who grew up in the DC area and played drums in Scream before joining Nirvana, also made a surprise announcement at the show -- that they're building an exact replica of the original 9:30 Club (which was at 930 F St and is now a J Crew) right beside the current one.

“Who remembers the old 930 Club?," Grohl asked the crowd. "That was our church...And it was such a fucking shithole." He continued, “That’s where we all played first. That’s where REM played first. That’s where the Chili Peppers played first. That’s where Nirvana played first.” He didn't mention the club's notorious, distinctive, clinging odor, or the pole in the middle of the floor, but he did talk about the 9:30 Club's general quirkiness. “You walked in, there’s a stage, it was kinda crooked. It wasn’t the friendliest live environment, but magic happened in that room.”

Then he broke the news: “Now, guess what — they’re going to open up a place that’s an exact replica of the old 9:30, right next door. Nobody knows that, because I’m the first one to tell you right now...If it’s the same vibe as the old 9:30 Club, you’re gonna see some real magic.”

Audrey Fix Schaefer, a spokesperson for 930 Club owners I.M.P., said, “While the new club promises to look just like the original, it will not have the notorious stench nor the huge and plentiful rats that old-school patrons so fondly recall.” Aww, man!

Foo Fighters just announced a surprise NYC show happening Monday (9/13) in Coney Island. You can check out Foo Fighters' 930 Club setlist -- and some video of the original 930 Club, below.

Scream (without Dave Grohl) are also working on and crowdfunding their first album in nearly 30 years.

SETLIST: Foo Fighters @ 930 Club 9/9/2021 (via)
Times Like These
The Pretender
Learn to Fly
No Son of Mine
The Sky Is a Neighborhood
Shame Shame
My Hero
These Days
Medicine at Midnight
You Should Be Dancing
(Bee Gees cover)
Somebody to Love
(Queen cover)
All My Life
This Is a Call
Weenie Beenie
(Fan request; tour debut)
Best of You
Monkey Wrench

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