A woman passed out and fell onto the train tracks at the Bedford Ave L stop this morning just as the Manhattan-bound train was approaching. The incident happened around 11:15 AM and the train narrowly missed her. From The New York Post:

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Did I hit her?” the driver yelled as he jumped out of the train to check on the woman, who became jammed between the rail and wall.

“Keep talking to me. You’ll be all right,” he told her before running back to the controls to turn a key.

He asked people on the platform to tell him when the train lights went off.

“That’ll mean the third rail is off,” he said.

Meanwhile, an MTA construction worker sought to comfort the stricken woman by reaching down and holding her hand.

The woman was pulled out by firefighters about 20 minutes after she fell, and taken to Bellvue Hospital. The L resumed service around 12:15 PM.

Starting in April of 2019, L train service between Bedford Ave and 8th Ave in Manhattan will be suspended for 15 months.