Back in early 2018, Dom Romeo (of Pulling Teeth, Integrity, and other bands) shut down his beloved metal/hardcore label A389 Recordings, but now he revealed in an interview with No Echo that the label is coming back.

"The real deciding factor came as the result of cold calling a band that my friends and I grew up loving and fearing," Dom said. "That band is Cold as Life. After seeing the 1995-97 Demos LP come out in Europe, I reached out to Jeff and Roy and attempted to woo them into letting me do Born to Land Hard. Thankfully those conversations went well, and they trusted me to do the record with them. In true A389 fashion, the impossible became possible."

He continues:

First thing to happen will be Cold as Life’s Born to Land Hard album released on all formats. The album has been completely remastered and sounds meaner than ever, and the layout has been improved using better source files to create a truly definitive version of the album for 2021.

We’re also planning to do the same to the other Cold as Life releases, and believe me I had to fight my ADHD to not try and do everything all at once [laughs]. But yeah... remastered versions of Declination of Independence and the Rawn demos are in the pipeline as well.

Jeff and Roy from Cold as Life have been involved in every step of the process, so I think that fans of the band are really going to appreciate the end result.

After that I plan to start releasing very limited pressings for some of the projects that I’ve been working on with Joshy (Ilsa) on drums. I think anyone who’s enjoyed what I’ve done musically for the past 20+ years will be happy with what’s coming (and surprised as well).

I’ve held off on announcing them since I want everything to be perfect and in place, but two of them are far along enough that I’m comfortable revealing some of the details. One of the bands has Scott Angelacos (Bloodlet, Junior Bruce) on vocals and another has Mike Score (All Out War) on vocals.

There are three more bands I’m tying up including one that’s really going to turn some heads if it all turns out as planned.

On top of that, Dwid and I have been working the new Integrity LP (for Relapse) and that’s been really intense. Maybe we’ll have some extra songs to play with and do a cool release with…who knows. I’m just excited to be able to do this again.

Exciting news! Read more at No Echo and stay tuned for more.

Listen to Cold As Life's Born To Land Hard below and check out A389's current catalog on Bandcamp.

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