A$AP Mob's Yams Day, the third annual tribute to the late A$AP Yams (which moved to The Bronx's New York Expo Center this year), took place last night but was shut down early around 10:30 PM due to a brawl. XXL posted a detailed account of the incident:

...the music stopped abrubtly, and Rocky grabbed the mic to ask that some people exit the overcrowded stage. When the crowd onstage didn't appear to budge, he removed himself from the stage and headed to the general admission area and proceeded to enter the mosh pit with fans until a member of his crew yelled at him to come back, as there were "security issues" taking place in the back.

A$AP Rocky rushed back to the stage and appeared to be overlooking an altercation taking place, telling everyone involved "Y'all fuckin this up. This supposed to be Yams Day." Shortly after, a throng of fans began darting to the exits when a clamor between a group of people broke out on the side of the stage. The fight on the side of the stage reportedly involved 6ix9ine. Video of the incident shows a group of men fighting, but it's not clear if 6ix9ine was involved.

Once the fight broke out, many people inside the New York Expo Center believed the loud sounds heard were gunshots. According to the NYPD, no gunshots were fired in the venue. Glenn Schuck, a reporter with 1010 Wins, mentioned the gunfire concert-goers claimed to hear could likely be from the sound of security gates falling or hitting the ground. Afer the noise settled in the venue, an unidentified voice on the mic announced that Yams Day 2018 had, in fact, been shut down. Those in attendance were immediately ordered to leave the premises.

NY Daily News posted a video of flans fleeing the scene that you can watch below. They also spoke to attendee Anthony Bell, who said, "Everybody started running, and then it calmed down and there was a little pause, but then you could hear chairs being thrown again and I heard that gunshot sound again, so I was headed for the door." The NYPD confirmed a "crowd control situation" but no gunshots were reported.

6ix9ine later made a video speaking about the brawl, and said it had nothing to do with him. You can watch that below too. Pictures of Yams Day are in the gallery above.


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