Abbath, the current project of Abbath Doom Occulta, guitarist/vocalist of black metal legends Immortal, will follow 2019's Outstrider with his third album, Dread Reaver, on March 25 via Season of Mist (pre-order). The album was produced by Endre Kirkesola, Abbath, and Dag Erik Nygaard, and "the goal was to field a storming production that sat firmly at the crossroads of Abbath’s heroes Kiss, Motörhead, Manowar, and Bathory," which you can definitely hear on the blackened pomp of lead single "Dream Cull." Listen and watch the video below. Tracklist (including a cover of Metallica's "Trapped Under Ice") below too.

1. Acid Haze (04:51)
2. Scarred Core (03:29)
3. Dream Cull (04:15)
4. Myrmidon (04:33)
5. The Deep Unbound (04:05)
6. Septentrion (04:30)
7. Trapped Under Ice (Metallica cover) (03:59)
8. The Book of Breath (04:35)
9. Dread Reaver (04:43)
10. Make my day (04:16)

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