Back in December 2014, it was reported that NYC venue ABC No Rio was hoping to start constructing its new building in 2015. That was delayed, but now the NY Times reports that the current building will be evacuated by the end of June, demolition could come before the fall, and the construction for a new building will begin after that. From the article:

No Rio plans to replace its fragile four-story home with an environmentally friendly new structure where artists will continue to present the same type of boundary-pushing material that has become the center’s hallmark. Installations and performances there have tended to reflect a rebellious aesthetic rooted in the grittier and more dangerous Lower East Side of the ’80s and ’90s, before the neighborhood became palatable to developers and deep-pocketed renters.

Later on, they add:

The architect for the new center, Paul Castrucci, said it would be “one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the city.” Plans call for roof gardens that will insulate the structure and reduce rain runoff into the city’s sewer system and natural ventilation and lighting that reduce cooling and lighting loads.
In addition to supervising a gradual move, Mr. Englander is preparing for the building’s final art shows, scheduled to open on June 10. One will exhibit work documenting the building. The other, called “InFinite Futures,” will present artists’ visions of what the No Rio site could look like in five, 50 and 500 years.

The Times also points out that the venue will "go into exile" while the new building is being completed, and their usual Saturday afternoon punk matinees will happen at other NYC venues, including Bushwick's Silent Barn.

You can donate to the fund for the new building at ABC No Rio's website.

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