Back in 2015, Neurosis' Scott Kelly and Amenra's Mathieu Vandekerckhove teamed up to form the band Absent In Body. Amenra vocalist Colin H. Van Eeckhout joined the following year, and now the lineup is even more star-studded, with the addition of original Sepultura drummer Iggor Cavalera. They're set to release their debut album Plague God on March 25 via Relapse, and we've teamed up with the band on a "milky clear with black, cyan blue and blood red splatter" vinyl variant of the album, limited to 500 copies and available exclusively in our stores in North America. Pre-order yours while they last. That's a mock-up of the variant above.

"We had not imposed any limitations or boundaries on ourselves to create this music," said Mathieu via press release. "Everything happened without any compromise, we gathered and let inspiration run freely. It is the beauty and the strength of this album."

Iggor adds, "It feels great to collaborate with such forward-thinking minds like Colin, Mathieu, and Scott on AIB. The music is dense and slowly brutal, very similar to the times we are living."

Along with the announcement comes the eight-and-a-half minute lead single "The Acres/The Ache," and if you're into Neurosis and Amenra's towering post-sludge metal, you'll like this too. It scratches a similar itch as those bands, but it also covers entirely new ground and doesn't sound quite like either one of them. Listen and watch the video (filmed and edited by Mathieu) below.

Pick up our limited vinyl variant here.

Absent In Body

1. Rise From Ruins
2. In Spirit In Spite
3. Sarin
4. The Acres/The Ache
5. The Half Rising Man

Absent In Body

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