ACID, the duo of musician and Yeah Yeah Yeahs collaborator Imaad Wasif and author/publisher Jeff Hassay (Stagger Fancy Press), write and record their songs on atypical instruments, from rewired keyboards and detuned guitars to home-made instruments, including an amplified 2x4. Their sonic experiments have resulted in three new albums -- Romance, Science Fiction with Acid, and Persona -- that will all be out October 29 via Narnack Records.

We've got the premiere of "Penetration" from the Science Fiction with Acid album, which is a skronky, garagey, bluesy jam that comes with a video featuring puppet versions of the band. "It’s our song about Ingo Swann who ran the Remote Viewing program for the US Government," say ACID. "The idea of a government studying magic seemed like an endlessly interesting thing to think about. The song and the video are really just ACID having fun and attempting, in our own way, to take things to the outer limit." Watch the video below.

The three albums will be available separately or as a special box set that comes with a few unique features. The box the albums are housed in is actually a playable electrified instrument that you can plug into an amp just like a guitar with a 1/4” cable. The box also comes with special ACID laser pen and a limited edition poster. You can watch Imaad and Jeff demonstrate the instrument in an unboxing video below.



1 Bad Vibrations 4:17
2 Casey 2:54
3 I Get Excited 4:05
4 I Don't Wanna Be Disturbed 3:55
5 Gone (Gone Gone) 2:17
6 Innocence 3:08
7 The Only One 4:08
8 Queer Feeling 3:51
9 LA Money 5:18
10 Romance 4:25

Science Fiction with Acid
1 Science Fiction 3:39
2 Don't Think It Over 2:52
3 Fear 2:34
4 Phases 3:03
5 Mysterious Light 1:34
6 Penetration 3:06
7 Head Space 2:26
8 Nothing Was Wasted 3:20
9 Stayin' Up Late 2:42
10 Come Together 2:45

1 Death 4:39
2 Moves 3:17
3 Substance 3:57
4 You Don't Have To Change 3:35
5 Tomorrow 3:55
6 Resister 2:42
7 Dreamin' Daze 3:14
8 Philosophy 3:49
9 Persona 4:32
10 Heaven 3:39

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