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At first I thouht this might be a 'too many cooks in the kitchen' situation. Then I freaked out a little when I found out there was an RSVP, and that it wasn't working that well. Well, it ends up that the Hot Freaks ACL (unofficial) (Dell Lounge-sponsored) (blogger) afterparties that I got myself involved in, were not only completely fun and total successes, we were able to accomodate anyone that wanted to get in to the FREE shows - stupid wristbands or not. Thanks other bloggers.

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St. Vincent re-confirmed her extreme talent on Saturday night, and Sparrow House proved that though shy, he is also very talented. Grizzly Bear played an as-always beautiful set with added breathtaking pretty-colored-lights-against-rocks-with-added-outdoor visuals (courtesy of our video team from Super Alright!). Art Brut rocked for the 15th-millionth time, and The Rosebuds turned the Mohawak (or was it Club Deville - I couldn't keep track - the party was at both places, and they're next-door to each other) into a proper dance party. The most fun I had during my entire Austin City Limits 2007 experience was during the Rosebuds actually. Even with an injured knee, Ivan (with the help of Kelly and drummer) mananged to keep it going - always high-energy, and with plenty of audience participation. It was actually only the second time I saw them - the first was at Bowery Ballroom when I fell in love - and the next will be at Bowery again (thank you so much Rosebuds for agreeing to play the Austin show and the CMJ show!) (tickets are on sale). More links, and photos by Hot Freaks-cohost Frank of Chromewaves, below....

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