adam green-aladdin

It's been a while since we last heard from Adam Green. Turns out he's been working on an adaptation of Aladdin that will be both a film and a album. Say Green:

With Aladdin, I wanted to create a single and unified experience to showcase my music, art and writing...I approached the script like it was a song. It has been the creative journey of a lifetime, and I'm so excited to put this out!

The film features handmade paper-máche sets, with more than 500 props and 30 rooms constructed out of phone books, newspapers, glue, and house-paint. Adam also tells Q Magazine that "the lamp is a 3D printer that prints out an analogue version of the internet, and the planet gets a sex change - it's not your Uncle Grandma's Aladdin."

The film's cast includes Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black), Macaulay Culkin (who continues to work with Moldy Peaches members), Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), Har Mar Superstar, Devendra Banhart, Zoe Kravitz and more. No release date for Adam Green's Aladdin has been set yet, but you can check out a trailer for the film below.

Green also promises a "worldwide Aladdin Tour concurrent with the film and album's release in Spring 2016." Stay tuned.


Adam Green's Aladdin - cast
Adam Green - Aladdin

Macaulay Culkin - Ralph the Rebel Leader

Natasha Lyonne - Aladdin's Mom

Jack Dishel - Uncle Gary / Sultan

Alia Shawkat - Aladdin's sister

Francesco Clemente - The Genie

Har Mar Superstar - British Druggie Guy

Devendra Banhart - Saucemaker

Bip Ling - the Princess

Zoe Kravitz - Old Miner

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