Dublin's Adrian Crowley has been releasing records for over 20 years, having gotten his start on Ba Da Bing with 1999's A Strange Kind, and releasing his last few albums via Chemikal Underground. He's just announced new album, The Watchful Eye Of The Stars, which was produced by John Parish (Aldous Harding, PJ Harvey) and finds him back on Ba Da Bing.

Crowley worked both at home and in the studio with Parrish on the record, with many songs starting as demos played on a cheap 3/4 size nylon string guitar or Mellotron, and he and Parish worked to keep the magic of the original take. They did build on the songs, though, and the album features Jim Barr of Portishead on double bass (he also did some engineering), Nadine Khouri and Katell Keineg on backup vocals, Parrish contributing guitar and other instruments, and members of Crash Ensemble providing orchestration.

The first single is the sweeping "Northbound Stowaway," about a man who hides in a ship's cargo hold as it crosses dangerous waters. Listen to that below.

The Watchful Eye Of The Stars is out April 30 via Ba Da Bing.

adrian flanagan watchful eye

1. Northbound Stowaway
2. I Still See You Among Strangers 02:46
3. Underwater Song 04:48
4. Bread And Wine 03:53
5. A Shut-In's Lament 04:03
6. The Colours Of The Night 02:56
7. The Singalong 02:35
8. Ships On The Water 04:07
9. Crow Song 06:29
10. Take Me Driving 04:20

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