Amazon Music's "Produced By" series continues with psychedelic soul great Adrian Younge. First up is "February" with fellow psych-soul great Georgia Anne Muldrow (who released the excellent Overload last year) and jazz/hip hop wiz (and frequent Kendrick Lamar producer) Terrace Martin. As you'd expect from these three, it's a trippy dose of retro-futuristic soul and it's very worth hearing. "Adrian has a very strong sense of vision; he's completely sure about what he wants to create," Georgia says. "So he built this song like lattice; sturdy and precise with plans for organic lines to wrap around it. The wisdom he imparted? A-1. It has been a great honor to work and learn at Linear Labs. There's a character attached to every item in there that makes it a palace of creativity. Mr. Younge is filming music in there." You can stream it below and download it at Amazon Music.

Next up in Adrian Younge's edition of the "Produced By" series are songs with Estelle, Black Thought (of The Roots), and Gallant. Adrian Younge's edition intentionally coincides with Black History Month. He explains:

The obsession with race is disturbing to those that wish to divert attention away from the unyielding attributes that have plagued black America. However, we all must realize how such disenfranchisement has negatively affected us all. We are all equal and we are all human; we all have something to say and something to contribute; essentially, we all deserve to be heard, recognized and respected. That being said, our celebration of black history month brings us closer to understanding the struggles and contributions African Americans have made in making America what it is.

There was a time in America when Blacks weren’t free to pursue their creative endeavors. Such cultural tension led to blacks creating the first American musical art form: Jazz. This music, the antithesis of western idealism, is what continues to inspire black music today. My work embraces this perspective, but furthermore, it serves as a reminder of how music can lay the groundwork for self-expression and cultural awareness. Embrace Black History Month and take the time to realize how black music has shaped the cultural narrative of America.

Stay tuned for the next three songs in the series.