Detroit duo ADULT. released Perception is/as/of Deception right when the pandemic was peaking in spring 2020, and it made for a good, dark soundtrack to some very dark times (all their records do, honestly). Having laid relatively low since, they're ready for a busy 2022, with new album Becoming Undone out in February and a tour to follow. You can check out the album's first single, "Fools (We Are...)," below.

We asked ADULT.'s singer, Nicola Kuperus, to tell us about her favorite albums of 2021, and her list includes records by the late Alan Vega, Sleaford Mods, Luis Vasquez (Soft Moon), Alessandro Cortini, Kontravoid, Ho99o9, and more. Check out Nicola's full Top 10, complete with commentary, below.

Speaking of Kontravoid, the band will opening for ADULT. on their 2022 tour (along with Spike Hellis) and dates include stops at Brooklyn's Market Hotel on April 16 and L.A.'s Lodge Room on May 6.


Alan Vega - Mutator
This is a magical record. A true gift! Pulled from archives of demos and pieced together/reworked/engineered by Jared Artaud of The Vacant Lots. It feels as if it was written just yesterday and that Alan Vega still walks among us. Alan Vega will forever be a total inspiration. Last track "Breathe." I can't really say much more... I am without words.

Luis Vasquez - A Body of Errors
Luis released a series of videos from this album and they literally got my sensations buzzing again after feeling in the doldrums through all this covid shit. Luis' use of electronics, bass, and percussion is awe inspiring. A person who truly knows how to shape sound and make it feel as if it were effortless. "Under My Teeth"! "Surgery"! These two really get me! But the whole album is killer!

HIDE - Interior Terror
Have watched/listened/shared the stage/shared the van with these two since the start of HIDE (ok, almost the start). Every year, they evolve, get stronger, and become more intense (if that's even possible because the intensity started at 11). This album washes out your ears and blows your brains out of your head. A full realization of all their moving parts, machines, vocals and videos (there are a slew that accompany this album). Wicked and unrelenting to the core. I always look forward to hearing/seeing what comes next from these two!

Les Sewing Sisters - Self Titled
In 2017, ADULT. releases an all collaborative album on MUTE Records called Detroit House Guests in which all six guest musicians had to live in our house while we collaborated (at separate times thankfully). One of those musicians was Lun*na Menoh who is the mastermind behind Les Sewing Sisters. Lun*na is a Japanese multimedia artist living in LA since 1998. She is always ahead of the curve and definitely an underappreciated stepping stone artist. Her band Jean Paul Yamamoto (circa 2006) included Alan Myers of DEVO and Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba! This new self-titled album is her and Saori Mitome. The music is totally unique pop music made 100% from samples of their sewing machines and produced by Adam Lee Miller (my partner in ADULT.) in our Detroit studio. Hopefully she will finally get the credit she deserves through her new award winning documentary ‘Who Is Lun*na Menoh?”

Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt - Lucy & Aaron
WHOA! This record is a beauty! Absurd! A total mind fuck! Always love what Aaron Dilloway does, but the collaboration between these two is phenomenal. Next level/New level. You can really feel it in songs like "The Blob" and "Ojazo." On songs like "Bordeandola" you are transported to some other reality somewhere between Twin Peaks and the Forbidden Zone! It's hard for me to even know what to write here... It's just really fucking good. Plus, Pieter Schoolwerth did the album art which is oh so delicious!

Sleaford Mods - Spare Ribs
I like that this record doesn't sound like anything else. A unique voice out there. I don't know what the fuck it is, but combines everything I like. The synth patterns are totally unique. Beats are filled with caffeinated intention. Vocals are poetics! Politics! "Nudge it" / "Elocution" / "Shortcummings" / "Top Room" - The more you listen to this record the better it gets.

Broken English Club - White Rats III
Love this whole trilogy of White Rats albums I, II, III. The newest White Rats III is a total ripper! It oozes with lush synth sounds and heavy bass. "Shadows and Tall Trees" is probably my favorite track. It has an incredible intensity with these synth pulls and stabs with other worldly percussion! "The Kill" gets it! No lack of energy here! "They Burned The Villages" at 46 seconds it explodes, ugh, so good. This is an album you can put on repeat and get lost in. I think I've screened a bazillion t-shirts while listening to it.

Alessandro Cortini - SCURO CHIARO
This is an album of contradictions - and that is something I can get behind. The record is both harsh and warm. It is both reserved and in your face. I'm sure some label this ambient, but I wouldn't - this is an amazing Instrumental album where the synths are the voice. The album and the songs are both encompassing opposites, but what makes it most interesting is that it primarily exists in different liminal states. It can simultaneously be pensive and uncertain, longing and loathing, distressed and yet with that ineffable feeling (one can only understand through hindsight) as the moment right before hope. Cortini’s music is raw inside a plan. And his mastery of the synthetic white noise - an underappreciated facet of the synth.

Kontravoid - Faceless
This is listed as an EP but it plays like a full length album. There are plenty of great 6 song albums - Kraftwerk's "Man Machine" or Philip Glasses "Glassworks" come to mind. This album is so well crafted with all the fat trimmed away. It sounds like it was created effortlessly (even though we know the amount of work necessary to make art appear that way). Even the collaboration song Maskerade with S.L.U.T. sounds like they have been working together forever. The songs get right to the point and keep it that way until the end. Can't wait to see "Recoil" live (or at least DJ it out one night) - the energy is palettable. Can't wait to see this album live in April and May when Kontravoid will be our support along with Spike Hellis for our North American tour starting in April!!!

Ho99o9 - Ho99o9 presents Territory: Turf Talk, Vol.1
I'm new to Ho99o9. Discovered them through Plack Blague. Since I'm a Plack Blague fan "Ass In The Air" is my jam. So sleazy and relentless! Also, recently discovered N8NOFACE who is also on this excellent collab record. Been seeing some super rad live footage of them that makes the hair on my arms stand up. It's so fervid! So naturally "Ima Die Wit It" featuring N8NOFACE, along with Yeti Bones and Pink Siifu, kicks it hard! "Ask Again" featuring Jesse Boykins III and theOMG, is also another incredible track on this album. The drum beat and underlying bass line gets me! So damn good.

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