Over the weekend, C. Martin Croker, the animator and voice actor who played Zorak and Moltar on the landmark Adult Swim TV show Space Ghost Coast to Coast sadly passed away. In a tribute to Martin, Adult Swim has put very nearly every episode of the show on their website to watch for free. If you've never caught the show, it's truly one of the all-time greats, deserving of a place alongside the likes of Mr. Show and Mystery Science Theater 3000 as one of the defining alt-comedy shows of the 90s.

It also had a metric ton of cool musicians on the show. In the episodes available online right now you can catch the likes of Pavement, Bjork, Thom YorkeDavid ByrneThe Ramones, Thurston Moore, Dave Grohl, Weird Al, Willie Nelson, Busta Rhymes, Tenacious D, George Clinton, Jimmy Cliff and more.

RIP C. Martin Croker. Celebrate his legacy by bingeing yourself into oblivion with Space Ghost Coast to Coast.