It's looking like NYC's Panorama won't be AEG Live's only new festival. They're also planning to debut one in June 2017 at Pasadena, CA's Rose Bowl and the surrounding grounds, which is about a three hour drive away from Coachella (presented by the AEG-owned Goldenvoice). It will be called the Arroyo Seco Music and Arts Festival, and it was approved by Pasadena's City Council on Monday. Via Pasadena Star News:

Officials from the Rose Bowl Operating Company and AEG have pitched the festival as a family-friendly and multi-generational event with space for bookstores, art and plays alongside big-named musical acts at four main stages. They’re picturing children and their parents, not necessarily the crowds they get in Indio.

“This is not Coachella, we are not coming here in anyway to try to sell you on what we do in the desert,” said Nic Adler, a festival producer for AEG. “We think there is a niche ... That is what is going to make this successful.”

AEG and RBOC predict as many of 90,000 people could attend the festival daily, with music playing until 11 p.m. each night.

They're expecting to debut it as a two-day festival, and Pasadena Now mentions they'd limit to 75,000 attendees a day, but eventually expand to three days and up the attendance to 90,000.

Pasadena Now adds that the Rose Bowl Operating Company (RBOC) and AEG "are now authorized to enter into a Licensing Agreement, which will be monitored after the first three years and then every five years after that, for up to 20 years. The agreement, once finalized, would increase the number of “displacement” events in the Rose Bowl from 12 to 15 per year without requiring further approval of the City Council."