Former Wrens member Kevin Whelan released Observatory, his terrific solo debut as Aeon Station, last year via Sub Pop. The album features songs he had written for The Wrens' still-not-released follow-up to The Meadowlands, and it also features fellow Wrens members Jerry MacDonald and Greg Whelan (Kevin's brother). If you haven't listened to the album you can stream it below.

Aeon Station are now set to make their live debut, which will happen at Queens club TV Eye on March 11. “Maybe the most important aspect to making music is playing music live. Only then does music come to life, change and grow,” says Kevin. His band for the show includes Greg and Jerry, 3/4th of The Wrens, as well as Lysa Opfer (Gramercy Arms, Overlake) and guitarist/producer Tom Beaujour. “This is a new start for us…it’s energizing,” says Jerry. “I’m so incredibly excited to have music back in my life… and to do this with Kevin and Greg feels right.”

Tickets for the show go on sale Friday, January 21 as 10 AM.

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