Aesop Rock's classic and long-out-of-print 1999 EP Appleseed is now on streaming services and it's getting its first-ever vinyl reissue via Rhymesayers (pre-order). The EP features eight songs, six of which were produced by Aesop Rock, plus ones helmed by Blockhead and Omega One, and a guest appearance by Doseone. It was originally only released on CD-R, as Aesop Rock explains: "The first Appleseed CD’s were CD-R’s I duped at home and sold from my backpack at an MF DOOM show at Brownies, which was right below my apartment at the time. I continued to sell hand-to-hand in NY, while Blockhead started fielding some mail orders from a young internet. People would send us cash or a check, and he’d cut the covers out and mail them off."

Stream it via this YouTube playlist or wherever else you stream music:


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