by Doug Moore

Ævangelist are one of North America's weirdest death metal bands, which puts them in the running for weirdest worldwide. Though they only formed three years ago, they've been on a creative tear throughout, releasing an LP, two EPs, and a split. We debuted their second LP, Omen Ex Simulacra, over at Invisible Oranges.

In related news, Invisible Oranges will also be co-sponsoring Ævangelist's upcoming NYC date at Saint Vitus Bar on January 25, with Maryland's Oak and Long Island's excellent Artificial Brain. Keep an eye out for tickets.

Here's an excerpt from our Ævangelist writeup:

The first three minutes of "Veils," the opening track to sophomore LP Omen Ex Simulacra, has no guitar, bass, drums, or vocals. Ævangelist opts instead to ramp up the atmosphere, with a mix of old-school Cynic space noises and deeply unsettling ambience in the vein of Blut Aus Nord or Xasthur. When the riffs finally arrive, they aren't showy or particularly catchy, serving rather as vessels to keep the atmosphere's momentum going. This goes on for nearly 13 awesome and occasionally terrifying minutes. The rest of the album pulls from the same bag of tricks -- high-pitched Mercyful Fate vocals next to jagged Anaal Nathrakh industrial freakouts next to spooky In the Nightside Eclipse keys. It would probably come off as mere pastiche if any other band was combining this many strange elements in this reckless a fashion, but Ævangelist stands alone.

Check out the rest of the writeup over at IO. Omen Ex Simulacra comes out on November 29 via Debemur Morti. You can preorder it here. Get weird with the full stream (and the rest of Ævangelist's January dates) below.


Ævangelist January 2014 tour dates
1.17.14 -- Milwaukee, WI
1.18.14 -- Chicago, IL
1.22.14 -- Columbus, OH
1.23.14 -- Baltimore, MA
1.24.14 -- Philadelphia, PA
1.25.14 -- Brooklyn, NY