All of the singles from AFI's upcoming 11th album Bodies have been great so far, and here's two more. One of them, "Dulceria," was co-written by Billy Corgan, who covered Joy Division with AFI's Davey Havok on stage at a couple Smashing Pumpkins shows in 2018, the year before the Pumpkins and AFI toured together. "Billy and I have a great creative connection when we’re writing together," AFI guitarist Jade Puget said. "It was inspiring to work with such a talented and legendary songwriter and 'Dulcería' is a testament to that."

"Dulceria" is the most brooding, atmospheric song released from Bodies yet, and it definitely sounds inspired by Billy Corgan and AFI's shared love of classic goth. "Far Too Near," meanwhile, is classic AFI -- exactly the kind of driving, upbeat crowdpleaser they've been churning out since the Sing The Sorrow days. Watch the "Dulceria" video and check out a visualizer for "Far Too Near" below.

While you wait for Bodies, revisit older AFI material in our AFI album guide.


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