Against Me! have shared another new song following "Haunting, Haunted, Haunts" and "333" off the upcoming Shape Shift With Me. The new song is called "Crash," and there's a video to go along with it.

It's an irresistably catchy song, with a heavy dose of glammy classic rock righteousness that brings Kiss or Thin Lizzy to mind more than a little bit. The video is also a blast, a spinning single-shot clip that finds the band playing in a small, colorfully-lit room while they battle a Darth Vader-like character with some funny special effects (it closes with a shot of the Death Star being destroyed). It's yet another reason to be psyched for Shape Shift With Me, which drops on September 16.

Meanwhile, Against Me! have their tour with Bad Religion and Dave Hause coming up soon. Of their two NYC shows at Irving Plaza, their first (on October 3) is sold out, but there are still tickets for the show on October 4.

Watch the video for "Crash" below.

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