Last year, long-running NYHC greats Agnostic Front released their eleventh album, and this year they'll do more touring behind it. They've got a short run going down in the Northeast later this month.

The tour includes a Queens show on September 24 at Blackthorn 51 with Apparition, Decimate the Living, We All Die, Onpoint, Cherry Pop and Scarboro; and a Jersey show on September 25 at Brighton Bar with Choke Artist, Mom Fight and Sunny Gang. Agnostic Front take the stage at midnight at the Blackthorn 51 show. Tickets for Queens and Jersey are on sale now, and there's also a way to get tickets for the Queens show from one of the local openers via Paypal. Info here. All dates are listed below.

As you may know, vocalist Roger Miret is working on an autobiography that should be out soon. He talked about it last year with (via Blabbermouth):

Ever thought of writing a book?

Funny you ask. I'm almost done. I started a book in 1996 and I lost it twice. I got bugs in the computer and lost it. I restarted it in 2007, because I kept some of the main files. Jon Wiederhorn, who wrote Scott Ian's [ANTHRAX] book and Al Jourgensen's [MINISTRY] book, he and I are friends and he contacted me about four years ago about helping me finish the book, but I really wanted to do it on my own. Then, about a year ago, he said, "Roger, let me help you with this book." and I said, "All right, Jon. I have too much shit going on." I gave him everything I had and we've been doing massive interviews and we're almost done with it. We just gotta find a home for it. It's pretty much my story from Cuba to being in a band.

He since discussed it more in the Green Room radio show, which you can listen to right here:

Agnostic Front -- 2016 Tour Dates
9/20 Newport, RI @ The Café at Parlor Newport
9/21 Baltimore, MD @ The Depot Baltimore
9/22 Virginia Beach, VA @ Shaka Live
9/23 Washington, DC @ The Pinch
9/24 Queens, NY @ Blackthorn 51
9/25 Long Branch, NJ @ Brighton Bar